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How should I choose opener horsepower?

The horsepower should be selected in line with the weight of the door. Most two-car doors are best served by a device that has 0.5 or 0.75 horsepower. Still, it is best to make precise calculations. The professionals at Garage Door Repair Sacramento explain that too little horsepower can cause the opener to strain, while too much will lead to energy waste.

Should I select steel garage doors?

This is a great material in terms of strength. It can also make the garage doors look very stylish. However, it is important to consider the costs of maintenance and the specific procedures that are required in order to ensure durability. For example, steel should be property insulated and galvanized according to manufacturer specifications.

How often should I oil my garage door?

Most doors should be oiled at least annually, but sometimes it may be necessary to do it more often. The trick is to listen out for any squeaking or strange noises during its operation or judge by determining if it opens as easily as it did when it was first installed. If the door sounds strange or is difficult to notice, it might be time for some lubrication maintenance.

How often should I replace my springs?

Springs work very hard, and as such it is important to keep a close eye on their condition. Generally they should last you a very long time, but if you start to see gaps in their coils, any cracks caused by stress or signs of decay like rust or rearing, then it is best to consider immediate spring replacement before they fail on you.

How often should I have my opener serviced?

Garage doors and their components are heavy, dangerous items when not properly looked after, and so regular maintenance is necessary. By rule of thumb it is a good idea to have all the hardware, including the opener inspected annually or after roughly every 500 times it is operated. Otherwise keep an eye on its performance and judge for yourself.

How do I program new remote controls to my opener?

Start by locating the learn button on your opener or receiver. It should be near the antenna, underneath the receiver’s cover sitting next to a small LED. Press and release this button (sometimes you have to press it twice) and then press the button on the desired garage door remote control within 30 seconds, and it should be paired.

How can I tell if my reverse function is working?

Your automatic opener’s reverse function should kick in at the first sign of pressure, and so a small amount of force should be enough to test it. Put some towels or mats on the floor, in line with where the door is meant to come down, and close it. If the function is working, the door should change direction as soon as it makes contact with the obstructions. If not, you should call for repairs.

What can I do for my opener if my power keeps going out?

If you live in an area that is frequently afflicted by power outages then you may have frustrations operating your garage door opener from time to time. Investing in a backup battery or generator is a great way to keep your system running all the time, otherwise you should familiarize yourself with the manual operation cable which is located near the trolley and is usually clearly marked.

I’ve lost my remote, is it okay just to ignore this?

Losing a garage door remote is not very good in terms of your home’s security. If this happens, you should immediately change the settings on your opener’s receiver so that the lost remote becomes unpaired. It is not in your best interest to let this sort of vulnerability go on ignored since it could be dangerous for your family and property.

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