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Assess whether DIY is worth it

Sometimes the costs of damages incurred to your garage door, property and self can greatly outweigh the savings you’re planning by going the DIY route. Maintenance, repairs and installations on doors and openers can be tricky business, and mistakes can be very costly. It is best to have a professional tackle the task for you.

Your garage door is making strange noises

No garage door can operate in complete silence, but too much noise is never a good thing. A very noisy door means that your system is screaming for lubrication maintenance. All doors are made up of moving parts and components which rub up against one another and cause friction. If not properly oiled, they will wear each other down.

Keep your children safe around garage doors

There are too many small spaces in garage doors which can snag fingers and do some serious damage, doors can come down unexpectedly, and things can be easily damaged by an unexpected accident. If you have young children, it is best to keep them away from your systems if you want to keep them safe. It is also highly recommended to keep the remote and clicker far from their reach.

Get more connectivity out of your receivers

For people on the move, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth garage door receivers offer greater distance and connectivity by allowing you to operate your opener by using a mobile phone or tablet. This means you can open your doors from anywhere in the house, neighborhood or world, depending on what kind of receiver you have.

Regular maintenance will prolong your door's useful life

Garage doors are hardy, stalwart and secure devices. But even they are subject to damage, wearing, rust, stress and decay over time. Don’t let your sturdy door become a security risk by ignoring its condition. Taking care to conduct regular maintenance on your system will help you get the most out of them for as long as you need them to.

Keep the tracks clear

Obstructions along the garage door tracks can derail the door with relative ease, far more ease than it would take to put it back on again. These obstructions can cause leverage along the door and pop it off unexpectedly. Keeping the garage tidy and the tracks clear is a must if you don’t want to have to deal with a derailed door.

Open your doors from anywhere in the house

Have a wireless garage door keypad installed in your home is a great way to ensure that you can operate the door from anywhere. Whether you’re in the study, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, garden or pool, a wireless pad will give you full control of your entrances from absolutely anywhere in your home, making your life more convenient.

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